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The French Navy, "La Marine" at Réunion, is the predominant Authority at sea in the Indian Ocean islands comprising the Antarctic TAAF – i.e. +/- 10 000 000 sq.miles. First of all, special permanent links with the French speaking Rulers and Governments around facilitate contacts, but also because the islands surrounding Réunion are not in a position to maintain appropriate forces and equipment. The French fleet has a permanent base at the west harbour of Port-Réunion and Air Force facilities at the St-Denis (Roland Garros) international airport.

There also exist inter-state agreements on co-operation. Other nations like South-Africa, the United States (based at Diego-Garcia) and Mauritius, generously participate in search, rescue and every assistance to endangered seamen. Commercial assistance to Vessels is another aspect which is beyond their control. As LLOYD’S AGENTS we generally liaise with Shipowners, Airlines and/or Underwriters to protect their interests.

"La Marine" quite often offers assistance to Crew Members at high seas. The local MRCC, called CROSS, handles all medical matters with the assistance of “Toulouse medical centre”.We entertain excellent relations with CROSS and regularly assist in the handling of CREW matters - more particularly when there is no emergency. We then liaise with all Parties and participate in the choice of ways and means and place of disembarkation.

CREW appreciate very much French hospitality and European standard of medical assistance.

The last two recorded important catastrophe in our region occurred at Moroni, in late november of 1996, when a Boeing 767 ER crashed. We are these days closing our Ethiopian file and the second off Moroni again - Air Yemeni flight two years ago, in june.

Local Knowledge is most important as nobody, in special circumstances, can rely on only one contact.


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