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Monitored by Réunion Ships Agency

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Our trading name, RSA — short for Réunion Ships Agency, (as per French practice) — is the oldest PORT AGENCY in the only international port of Réunion which was formerly "Pointe des Galets", but now called "PORT-REUNION". East Port is "nouveau port" (the new port), and West is "ancien" (the old one).

Other portagencies here have either changed name, merged or disappeared.

The oldest “stations” bear the “42 03 ..” telephone suffixes which reads in the updated version :

Port Tug - + 262 (0) 262 42 03 14

Port Pilot - + 262 (0) 262 42 03 16

Our telephone number, +262 (0)262 42 03 10 is a recommended fax number while we utilise another one for office telecommunications: +262 (0)262 43 33 33 .

We are an experienced independent firm whose local knowledge is tremendous.


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